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About us

Department Features

    The goal of our department is to foster both theoretical and practical knowledge and to equip future leading business professionals with those skills by cooperating with CTBC Holding to have the leading experts in the financial industry to transfer their professional knowledge and skills to our students. The students will be able to immerse themselves in a real-world, professional learning environment. Also, by providing scholarship and financial aid, students will be able to focus and excel by not been distracted by economic burden.


    Our goal is to develop leading international financial professionals, and we provide practical and international financial courses to ensure that students can learn applied, real-world concepts from the leading experts in industry and transfer that acquired knowledge and skillset into the job market themselves. In the future, we hope our alumni can pass on that knowledge and experience to our students and transform our school into an integral source for future financial professionals.

Our Goals

  1. Outstanding knowledge of financial practice theories and competencies.
  2. Highly professional ethics.
  3. Excellent collaborative ability and global perspectives.
  4. Fluent in foreign languages and good computer skills.
  5. Ambitious and positive attitude toward challenges.