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鍾孟達 助理教授



Professor Meng-Ta Chung 

Ph.D., Measurement and Evaluation , Columbia University, USA


Bayesian Statistics, Computational Statistics, Psychometric Theories, Design of Experiment, Human Resources Management, Machine Learning Techniques, , Meta Analysis


Professional Experiences 

  • Postdoctoral Researcher,Taipei Veterans General Hospital (2018.1-2018.7)
  • Adjunct Assistance Professor,Department of International Business,Ming Chuan University (2017.9-2018.8)
  • Assistant Researcher,St.Joseph Hospital (2017.8-2018.1)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher,Shih-Hsin University (2016.8-2017.6)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher,Chung Gung University of Science and Technology (2015.2-2016.5)

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers / Peer Reviewed International Proceedings 

Journal Papers

  1. Chung M.T., & Johnson M. S. (2018). An MCMC Algorithm for Estimating the Reduced RUM. arXiv: 1710.08412 [stat.AP]
  2. Chung M.T., & Johnson M. S. (2018). An MCMC Algorithm for Estimating the Q-matrix in a Bayesian Framework. arXiv:1802.02286 [stat.AP]
  3. Journal of Asian Health : Detecting the Health Status of Multiethnic Women in Taiwan .(2017)

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  1. Conference on Innovative strategies on Higher Education and Applications for Institutional Research,Taipei : The impact of satisfaction on college students' retention:using grade as a moderator. (2017)
  2. Conference on New Concept and Research on Institutional Research,Hsinchu :Investigation the relationship between physical fitness and academic grade by hierarchical linear models.(2017)
  3. Conference on New Concept and Research on Institutional Research,Hsinchu. :The impact of interpersonal interaction on intention to drop out among college students.(2017)
  4. International Conference on Healthcare and Management 2015,Taipei:Developing a Poor Supervison Scale.(2015)
  5. International Conference on Healthcare and Management, Taipei : Issues in Using Repeated Measures ANOVA:Perspectieves from Bayesian Statistics and Hierarchical Linear Models.(2015)
  6. Annual Meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education, Philadelphia, PA.:Developing A Polytomous DINA model.(2014)


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