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Message from the Department Head

Dear parents and students,

I am Lin, Shu-pin, Director of the Department of Banking and Finance for CTBC Business School. I sincerely welcome you all to be part of our family.

Obtaining a degree in the Department of Banking and Finance is a popular major option for college because it meets the demand of workplace with high potential development. CTBC Business School is funded by CTBC Financial Holding Corporation, and our goal is to cultivate future international financial experts as we are a practical-oriented business school. The College is recognized by its expertise in banking management, and the Department is one of the core entities of the College.

By taking a practical teaching approach, the Department aims to provide an education that meets the current financial trends as the curriculum has been reviewed by senior executive management from our industrial-academia collaborative partners. The program is designed to provide a learning experience beyond financial expertise by working with the Future Management Associates Program (FMA) of CTBC Financial Holding Corporation to ensure the four-year studies can coordinate with internship classes. Once students meets the graduation requirements, they will be offered two financial job opportunities that guarantee career after graduation. We expect the students to be motivated in the learning of innovative technology as Fintech is leading a new form of business modal.

CTBC Forum is one of the unique characteristics of the College. Senior executives from the industry are invited to share business experience, career ethics and business etiquette, financial tools and development, and more hands-on experiences and knowledge beyond textbooks. These executives along with their shared knowledge of finance and they will become an important conceptual property for the students to better prepare for future career success. Another important task for financial service provider is social networking. With our slogan, We are Family, the College builds a micro-personal network for students to build a cohesive relationship through daily learning and characters building together with one another. With four years program in the department, students are expected to grow into leadership positions in the new generation of finance. As the chair of the Department, I look forward to walking the path with you all.


Lin, Shu-pin


Department of Banking and Finance